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Reward the journey, from Month to Milestone.

You have one life. At Month to Milestones, we believe you should celebrate each milestone on your journey to becoming a “best enough” you. We’ve created jewelry, hats, clothing, books and other goods that will help you reach and celebrate your goals.

Because life isn’t about the destination. It’s what you’ll learn about yourself along the way.

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About the Site

Month to Milestones is all about celebrating. We want you to succeed at achieving whatever goal you’ve set out to meet. Whether it’s in the realm of exercise, sobriety, eating healthy or having fun, at Month to Milestones, we believe rewarding yourself* during the journey is more important than worrying about the destination. Each month has its own milestone. Reward the Journey. You deserve it!

*Click the icon to visit our store, where you’ll find goodies to celebrate your journey, including The Month to Milestone Bracelet, coming soon!

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